SSLC exams: 96% result for JSS High School, Suttur


Suttur, May 09, 2018: The JSS High School, Suttur, has secured 96% result in the 2017-18 SSLC Examinations. As many as 37 students have brought laurels to their school by scoring 125 out of 125 marks in Kannada exams and have proven their love for the language. While ten students have scored out of out marks in Sanskrit, one student has scored cent per cent marks in Hindi. Two have scored 100 out of 100 in mathematics. Out of the total 517 students who had appeared for the SSLC exams, 495 students have passed, and 102 students have scored above 500 marks overall.

The school has secured 99% results in English medium, and 94% results in Kannada medium registering an overall 96% result.

In English medium, Manikya Jyothi has scored the highest total marks, i.e. 603/625 (125/125 in Kannada and 100/100 in Sanskrit). While student S.P. Madhuprasad has scored 601/625 (125/125 in Kannada) securing second place, Kiran U. has scored 600/625 (125/125 in Kannada) and secured third place in the school.

In Kannada medium student K.S. Siddappa has scored 595/625 marks and has secured first place followed by Ashwini Basavaraj Angadi 588/625 (100/100 in mathematics).

Administrative officers and other heads of the institution have expressed their happiness and appreciated the students for their achievement.

Students who have scored highest marks in English medium

Name:Kum. Manikya Jyothi
Marks Otained:(603/625)
Name:S.P. Madhuprasad
Marks Otained:(601/625)
Name:Kiran U.
Marks Otained:(600/625)

Students who have scored highest marks in Kannada medium

Name: K.S. Siddappa
Marks Otained: (595/625)
Name: Ashwini Basavaraj Angadi
Marks Otained:(588/625)

Ravi Kumar Mehato secured 100/100 marks in Hindi

Name:Ravi Kumar Mehato
Marks Otained:(Hindi 100/100)

JSS High School, Suttur Srikshetra

Heads of various departments and teaching staff of the JSS High School, Suttur, seen with the SSLC students who have passed the examinations. The school has secured an overall result of 96%.