General Education

Education is a basic requirement for realization of freedom and democracy. Dr. Sri Shivaratri Rajendra Mahaswamiji knew about this truth and started a high school in Mysuru as early as in 1954. This way JSS math forayed into the field of education and established a number of crèches, primary and high schools, colleges, engineering, medical and dental colleges, pharmacy and law colleges, under JSS MVP. HH Sri Rajendra Swamiji’s contribution to the cause of education in Karnataka is thus immense.

There is a General Education Division in JSSMVP, headed by a Director who formulate policies, provide guidance, manage the institutions, maintain and improve the quality of education. The institutions include; Bala Jagat, crèches, sanskrit schools, primary and high schools, junior colleges, run by JSS Mahavidyapeetha.