Donate blood and save lives – Sri Nagaraj V. Byri


Kollegal, October 1, 2018: “Blood donation is very important to save lives. Hence, everyone should come forward to donate blood and save lives,” opined Sri Nagaraj V. Byri, Lions Club, Kollegal.

He inaugurated the Blood Donation camp, jointly organised by the Youth Red Cross and National Service Scheme units of the JSS Women’s College, Kollegal, supported by the Lions Club, Akkana Balaga and Vasavi Women’s Associations, at the JSS Women’s College, in Kollegal.

“Blood donation can save many lives. We can donate our limbs and organs only after our death. But blood is the only precious thing which we can donate while we are alive. Our body gets fresh blood and also our health will improve by donating blood,” he explained.

In his presidential address Prof. Umesh, Principal of the JSS Women’s College, Kollegal, observed that there are many misconceptions about blood donation among the people. “People hesitate from donating blood because of fear of these misconceptions. In fact, our body health will improve and it doesn’t cause any harm to us. Any healthy person who is above 18 years of age and above 50 kgs body weight can donate blood. Above 3.5 crore people require blood in a year, whereas only 40 lakh people donate it, according to reports,” he added.

Sri Mahadevaprasad, Sri Shivalingaswamy, Sri Channamallegowda, Sri Naganna, members of the Akkana Balaga, office-bearers of Lions Club, College lecturers and students were present.
About 40 people, including teachers, senior students, and others donated blood.