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Jagadguru Sri Shivarathreeswara Granthamala: Jagadguru Sri Shivarathreeswara Granthamala was established in 1939 for the purpose of dissemination of knowledge and social reformation through educational tools. The objective of the Granthamala is to propogate vachana literature, Philosophy religon and art. It has brought out 160 titles in Kannada, English, Tamil & Telugu. Sri Shivarathreeswara Endowment Trust: Jagadguru Dr. Shivatathri Rajendra Swamiji, the 23rd pontiff of Suttut Math, founded ‘Sri Shivarathreeswara Endowment Trust’ in 1985 with a view to propogate human values enshrined in Vachana literature and to take up literary and cultural activities for the upliftment of the society. The Trust which was established with an initial seed-money of Rs. 10 lakhs has so far published over 150 books through JSS Granthamala on various topics such as Veerashaiva philosophy, religon, art and culture.
The main objectives of the Trust are:

  • Publication of works relating to Veerashaiva tenets and practices.
  • Conducting lectures at the cities and villages by eminent personalities on subjects of human excellence.
  • Sperading among the people of saints, with special emphasis on Veerashaiva saints through literary and fine art media.
  • Awarding ‘Sri Shivarathreeswara Prashasthi’ to the best book of the year on.
    The Endowment Trust Conducts activities on inter-religious harmony and peaceful co-existence and also spearhead the cause of secularism in a pluralistic Indian background.
  • Prasada Bi-monthly: “Prasada” is a Bi-monthly magazine in Kannada, devoted to religon, philosophy, culture, art and Indian history. Founded in 1968 (as bi-monthly since 1985), it has a wide readership base and acts as an exlcusive forum for dissemination of knowledge relating to religon and philosophy with special emphasis on veeasaiva literature and culture.
    There are 5,000 subscribers to this magazine.
    Subscription – Annual: Rs. 100/-, Life Member: Rs. 500/-
    Sharanapatha: “Sharana Patha”, a Half-yearly Journal started in 1988, is devoted to Sharana philisophy, literature, Indian art and culture. Several articles of religious interest written by scholars are published in the journal.
    It is published in January and July every year. Presently, there are about 3,500 subscribers to the magazine.
    Subscription – Annual: Rs. 25/-, Life Member: Rs. 500/-.
    JSS Vartha Pathra: JSS News Bulletin is a in-house magazine giving out information on educationl projects, innovations and achievements of institutions run by the JSs Mahavidyapeetha. It also covers the social, religious and cultutral activities of Sri Suttur Math.
    JSS Sanskrit Research Centre, located at the JSS Women’s College (Saraswathipuram, Mysore – 570 009) is engaged in research and publication of rare Sanskrit manuscripts. This is being funded by Rashtriya Samskritha Paristhana.

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Division Head Sri. R.S. Purnananda
Designation Deputy Director
Working Since 21-11-2004
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Qualification M.A., Kannada

Diploma in Translation Well versed with Kannada, English, Telugu, Sanskrit and Hindi languages. Other skills like English and Kannada Typing, Shorthand, Editing and Proof-Reading.


Worked for 34 years in University of Mysore & retired as Deputy Registrar.
Working as Deputy Director in JSS Mahavidyapeetha since 1.11.2004.


Landscaping in all the institutions of JSS Establishment of K.V.K at Suttur

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