Objective of education should be all round development of an individual


Hullahalli, June 4, 2017: “Focus on all round development of an individual should be the objective of education,” opined Chief Minister Sri Siddaramaiah.

He addressed the gathering after inaugurating the new building of JSS Educational Institutions at Hullahalli. “Having education is not limited to get a job alone. It should not be limited for our survival. Good education develops rational thinking among everybody. Through education we should become an asset to the society, not a burden. Our lives will become more meaningful only when we start to think what is our contribution to the society? instead of thinking what has this society given to us,” he said.

“As Kuvempu has atply said every child will take birth as a universal human being, but he loses his values as he grows and inhuman values will replace good values. Hence, if we inculcate Kuvempu’s message our lives will become more meaningful and rewarding. Ask any rank holder what he likes to become. Nobody will say he likes to become a teacher, scientist or a nurse. It is the common opinion of all bright students to become a doctor or an engineer. This is not a healthy development according to me. It is very sad to know that today’s youth are losing interest towards science. It is essential for the youth to select diversified sectors for all around growth of the society. Education gives us morals, discipline, human values and knowledge. I agree that changes are essential in educational sector too. Nowadays it has become more important to impart education, which is in more demand in the market. Otherwise it is not possible to solve unemployment problem. In this context the government has been providing a six-month duration free skill development training to 5 lakh youth. We are also introducing a programme to provide free laptops to all children irrespective of caste and creed, from this year. Plans are afoot to open one residential school in every hobli. 520 residential schools have been already opened in 749 hoblis, with an objective of making quality education accessible to all the children in rural areas,” he added.

Suttur Math seer Paramapujya Jagadguru Sri Shivarathri Deshikendra Mahaswamiji in his discourse said that knowledge is supreme and everything can be achieved through knowledge. “Knowledge inculcates values such as decency, love and mutual understanding. That is why scholars are respected everywhere on this earth. Usually people with higher education like to become doctors or engineers. But these days the government is focusing more on skill development. Instead of remaining unemployed, the youth should utilize this opportunity and take up self employment. More stress should be given for rural development by creating opportunities where youth who pursue studies in agricultural sciences can go back to their village and implement their ideas in their agricultural fields,” he added.

“A Chief Minister usually faces lots of hurdles. But I feel very happy to say that Siddaramaiah has been leading from the front from the last four years without any hurdle,” he said.

Minister for Public Works Department Dr. H. C. Mahadevappa presided over the programme. Primary and Secondary Education Minister Sri Tanveer Sait inaugurated the library and MP Sri R. Dhurvanarayan inaugurated the computer lab.

Chief Guest MLA Sri Kalale N. Keshavamurthy described the educational achievements of JSS MVP.

Sri R. Dharamasena, Sri G. Nataraju, Vice President, ZP, Smt. Mangala Somashekar, Member, ZP, Sri B. S. Mahadevappa, President, Taluk Panchayat, Smt. Chandramma, President, Gram Panchayat and others were present.

The programme commenced with an invocation by the school children. While JSS Institutions Secretary S. P. Manjunath welcomed, Sri S. Shivakumaraswamy delivered a vote of thanks and Sri D. S. Sadashivamurthy compered.