JSSKVK undertakes a massive Urad Dal seed production programme


Rashmi (An improved variety of Urad Dal) field festival held

Suttur, June 3, 2017: The JSS Krishi Vignan Kendra, Suttur, has undertaken a massive seed production programme in Urad Dal (Black Matpe Bean) cultivation. The programme was undertaken this Summer after the harvesting of monsoon paddy. 40 farmers from Nagarle and the surrounding villages were selected under the Seed Hub Programme of the State Government which focuses on increasing the production of pulses, and Rashmi, an improved variety of Urad Dal was introduced in about 200 acres of land.

A field festival of Rashmi variety was held recently at Nagarle village. Dr. H. T. Gowda, developer of the Rashmi variety and present Extension Director of the Agriculture and Horticulture University, Shivamogga, who was at Sutur on a field visit, expressed happiness over the methods of cultivation practiced.

“Due to excess temperature during summer, sucking insects have increased and the crop is affected by Yellow Mosaic Virus. However, since the disease has affected the crop at the end stage there is no damage to the crop,” he explained.

Dr. P. Mahadevu, Scientist, Zonal Agricultural Research Centre, V. C. Farm, Mandya, congratulated the farmers for growing a good crop and exuded confidence of an excellent yield if there was no rainfall for the next 10 days.

“Already, due to rain, there is stagnant water in the field. There is a possibility of ripened crop getting mildew disease. Therefore, the crop should be immediately harvested,” he advised the farmers. He also provided information about the various Urad Dal varieties which are still in research stage.

Dr. Arun Balamatti, Senior Scientist at JSS Krishi Vignan Kendra and Head, who presided over the programme, spoke about the background of the seed hub project, production and current market status of pulses at the national level.