Armyworm menace in Mysuru


Suttur, August 7, 2018: The JSS Krishi Vignan Kendra’s Senior Scientist Dr. Arun Balamatii and Plant Conservation Scientist Sri Satish .S visited the paddy fields in Nagarle village of Biligere Hobli, Nanjangud Taluk, to check the paddy crop which is affected by armyworm menace.

On this occasion, Sri Satish explained the farmers about controlling the armyworm menace and preparation of pesticide for its prevention. Last year armyworms had appeared in the paddy crop during reaping season. But this year it has emerged during the sapling stage causing panic among the farmers.

What are armyworms

These are worms which are found especially during daylight between the ground and bark of saplings and below the leaves. The activities of these worms begin in the evening. It eats up the entire crop. Only the stem of the plant remains, which is entirely hit by these worms.

Preventive measures

Prevention by using poison bait:

Required material – 20 kilos of paddy bran, 2 kilos of jaggery, 250 ml monocrotophos mixed with 4 lts of water.

Usage: Two kilos of jaggery should be dissolved in 4 lts of water, followed by 25 ml of monocrotophos. This solution should be mixed with 20 kilos of paddy bran and kept in a box/sack for 24 hours. It should be sprayed to the affected crop the other day evening, wearing gloves. If the damage is more, a handful of poison bait can be kept at a gap of 10 ft each per 3-4 rows of crop.

Prevention using chemical pesticides:

The solution mixed with Quinalphos or Chlorpyrifos or Monocrotophos 2ml or Melathion 1 ml mixed per litre water, should be sprayed after 4 pm, as these worms will appear at the edge of the leaves during the evening.

It is recommended that all the farmers should implement these preventive measures at a time because of the intensity of the problem. This will help to reduce the damage.

For more details, please contact the scientists at the JSS KVK or Raitha Samparka Kendras.