Accounts and Audit

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Office JSS Mahavidyapeetha,Mysore
Designation Director
Division Accounts and Audit
Division Function

To conduct Internal audit of all JSS Institutions, to pursue the objections till settlement. Verification of fixation of pay, emoluments, revision of pay scales and other service matters of employees. To furnish opinions on various issues refereed to by Directors/ Management, Issuance of various circulars on Audit & Accounts matters, Co-ordinating in training of employees of JSS Institutions and in preparation of manuals, compendium of orders/circulars.

Contact No. Phone: 2548212 Ext: 211 & 212 Fax: 0821 – 2548218
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Division Head Sri.K.R.Santhanam
Designation Director
Working Since Oct 2007
About Officer  
Qualification B.Sc.,IA & AS(Rtd)

Propriety Audit, System Audit, Value for money Audit, Efficiency-cum-Performance audit, London for 3 years and audited accounts of Indian embassies in Europe; Deputy Secretary, Public Accounts Committee, Karnataka Legislature for 8 years;
a Deputy Accountant General (Defence-Audit) Allahabad; worked as faculty in Regional Training Institutes at Bengaluru and Allahabad.


38 years in Central Govt. and now Working in JSS Mahavidyapeetha, Mysore since 2007 as Director of Accounts & Audit.


Streamlined the working of the Audit Parties and Procedures involved in conducting audit, Backlog and pendency in audit of institution reduced. Conducted review meetings with Head of the Institutions and Directors periodically in settling outstanding audit paras. Involved in the preparation of various manuals viz. MVP Accounts Rules, 2012; MVP Budget Manual 2013; MVP Manual of Office Procedure 2010; MVP Leave Rules 2012; JSS(U) Stores & Purchases Accounting Rules 2012 and in preparation of Compendium of Orders and Circulars from 2010-11 to 2015-16.

Contact No. Phone: (O) 2548212 Ext: 210(R) 0821-2548405

Mobile: 9449485429

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