Educational and Science Exhibition – Day 3

Suttur, February 3, 2019: The Jagadaguru Sri Shivarathreeshwara Shivayogi Mahaswamiji’s Jatra Mahotsav, being held at Suttur, entered the third day. The Educational and Science Exhibition, organized by the JSS General Education Department is one of the major attraction in which the students of various JSS schools are participating. Models prepared on various subjects have been exhibited in 10 different categories at the exhibition.

The students of the Saraswathipuram School had prepared a model of the various food ingredients, through which they explained the significance of different ingredients on health. While the students of Horeyala school created awareness among the farmers about the disadvantages of use of pesticides through their model, the students of Yalanduru school provided information about the greenhouse ill-effects. A model explaining the importance of usage of millets prepared by the students of Siddarathanagar school was appreciated by many. They explained the visitors about the significance of usage of millets and various diseases that we may face due to lack of proper nutrition.

The students of Kalkunike school demonstrated the methods of environmental protection and the Narway school students created awareness among the visitors about cleanliness and hygiene through their model on ‘Swachch Bharath Abhiyan’. The Kodasoge JSS school students created awareness through their model about the importance of preventing plastic pollution and the Manuganahalli school students provided information about environment-friendly toilets. While the Ummathuru school students had prepared a model on organic agriculture their way of explaining the methods of preparing ‘jeevamrutha’ and its uses drew the attention of many. The Doddakadanuru school students model of the reservoir was a highlight. The way these students explained the advantages of reservoirs also was appreciated by many.

Other than these the models exhibited by the Nehru Planetarium of Bengaluru was a big hit among the visitors.

Haraguru Charamurthy, members of the management of JSS Institutions, school students, public and devotees thronged the exhibition from the morning and extended their appreciation.