Don’t be scared about Corona, just be careful – Dr. Bharath

Kollegal, March 14, 2020: “Corona epidemic is spreading across the world from Noval Corona virus causing fear among everybody. But there is no need to panic. You just have to be careful,” opined Dr. Bharath T, of JSS Hospital, Mysuru.

He was speaking at the ‘Corona Virus Prevention Awareness’ programme organised by the Youth Red Cross Unit of the JSS Women’s College, in Kollegal.

“Please get yourself examined at the nearest health center and start getting treatment as soon as you notice symptoms of Corona virus. Stay away from public gatherings like fairs, wedding functions, etc. Go out of your house only when it is needed. Washing your face and hands frequently will be good. Do not touch your face, nose, mouth, eyes or ears without washing your hands. Keep your house and surroundings clean,” she suggested.

Dr. Tanuja Ken expressed her view that, “as the weather condition in our country is against to Corona virus there is no need to be scared. But as this virus will be alive up to one day on any surface, we need to be very careful and follow precautionary measures. Although any type of face mask will prevent virus attack, it should be changed once in every six hours,” she said.

Dr. Mohammed Khasim, Dr. Samaan Saaja, Dr. M. Prabhu and others were present

Dr. Bharath T. speaking about the Corona epidemic. Dr. Mohammed Khasim, Dr. Samaan Saaja, Dr. M. Prabhu and Dr. Tanuja Ken are seen in the picture.

Dr. Mohammed Khasim, Dr. Samaan Saaja and Dr. Tanjua Ken interacting with the students on their doubts about corona epidemic.

Lecturers and students who attended the programm