August 2019

Live Visualization of FIT India Programme

Mysuru, August 29, 2019:  The JSS College of Arts, Commerce and Science, Ooty Road, Mysore, had organized Live telecast of the inaugural event of the nationwide Fit India Movement, held at Indira Gandhi Stadium, New Delhi, by the Honourable Prime Minister, Sri Narendra Modi.

In India every year 29th August is celebrated as National Sports Day, in commemoration of the birthday of the hockey legend Dhyan Chand. The Prime Minister inaugurated the nationwide ‘Fit India Movement,’ and explained that the programme is being held to encourage people to give priority to sports and fitness in their lives. He believes that people are leading a very stressful life in the present scenario, which is leading to a lot of health issues like high blood pressure, diabetes, etc. To get rid of such health problems, and to develop a healthy India, there is a need to practice yoga, physical exercise, and involve in sports and games.

The live telecast was arranged in the College auditorium. Prof B.V. Sambashivaiah, Chief Executive of the College, Prof. M. Mahadevappa, Principal, and more than 1000 students, teachers and non-teaching staff were present.

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ಸುತ್ತೂರು ಶ್ರೀಕ್ಷೇತ್ರದಲ್ಲಿ ರಾಜೇಂದ್ರ ಶ್ರೀಗಳ ಜಯಂತಿಯಂದು ಶಿವದೀಕ್ಷಾ ಸಂಸ್ಕಾರ

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Shri R. Ashok, Minister in the Yedyurappa led BJP govt. in the State visited Sri Suttur Math in Mysuru, and sought the blessings of Parmapujya Jagadguru Sri Shivarathri Deshikendra Swamiji.

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Give importance to moral education rather than getting ranks – Sri Vishakantamurthy

Kollegal, Mysuru 24, 2019: “There has been a lot of improvement in the fields of science and technology in the present era and there are many talented students who are capable of scoring ten on ten in exams. But rather than ranks, it has become inevitable to give more importance to moral education,” opined Sri Vishakantamurthy, Principal, JSS Nursing School, Kollegal.

He delivered a lecture on the topic “Role of Youth in Building a Good Society,” organised by the NSS, at the JSS Women’s College in Kollegal.

“Students who are getting physical education are indeed being deprived of moral, social and cultural education. It is very sad to note that even parents neglect these factors. As Swami Vivekananda has told what we require today is the youth should become more physically and mentally strong. Students should be motivated based on their interests,” he said.

Prof. Umesh, Principal, JSS Women’s College, Kollegal, presided over the programme. “Today’s students want to become rich overnight. They should be taught the values of life. The foundation of life can become more stable and safe when students get moral education at school and college level. Here we should recall the works of reformation of the society by the 12th Century reformer Basavanna. There is a need to teach the youth that their roles in building a good society is very important,” he added.

Prof. Basavaraju, NSS Program Officer, Prof. Mamatha, Volunteer, were present on the occasion.

Sri D.G. Vishakantamurthy, Principal, JSS Nursing School, Kollegal, delivering a lecture on the topic “Role of Youth in Building a Good Society”, organised by the NSS, held at the JSS Women’s College in Kollegal. Prof. M. Basavaraju, NSS Programme Officer and Prof. Umesh, Principal, are seen in the picture.

Students taking part in the lecture programme.

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NAAC team visits JSS College for evaluation

Mysuru, August 23, 2019: The National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC) team visited the JSS College of Arts, Commerce and Science, B. N. Road, Mysuru, on August 22, 2019 for evaluation of various facilities and services of the college including; 1) Curriculum outline; 2) teaching, learning, and evaluation; 3) research, inventions and extension works; 4) basic facilities and learning resources; 5) various relevant privileges made available to the students; 6) leadership and administration system; and 7) institutional values and good practices.

The team lead by Prof. Shibprasad Adhikari, former Vice-Chancellor, Bhubaneshwar, Orissa State, Prof. Shravan K. Sharma, English Professor, Haridwar, Uttarakhand, and Prof. K. Ramamurthy, Principal, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, was received by Prof. B.V. Sambashivaiah, Chief Executive of the College, Prof. M. Mahadevappa, Principal and Prof. D.S. Sadashivamurthy. They were welcomed with garlands.

The NAAC team visited all the departments in the college and inspected thoroughly, and also interacted with the various study and research department heads, students, senior students, parents, professors, non-teaching faculty. They also inspected the skill center, community college scheme division, library, hostel, canteen, SSS, NCC, laboratory, employment information center, counseling center, anti-sexual harassment cell, student anti-harassment cell, linguistics laboratory, sports field, multi-purpose gym, office, examination hall and other facilities.

The students presented a cultural programme in the evening earning the appreciation of the NAAC team.

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Demonetization is a very big step towards curbing corruption – Dr. Prabhavati M C

Kollegal, August 21, 2019: “Demonetization is a very big step taken by the Government of India towards curbing corruption and for development of the country,” opined Dr. Prabhavati, Assistant Professor, Govt. Women’s College, Chamarajanagara.

She delivered a special lecture on the topic “Demonetization – Problems and Challenges”, organized by the Economics department, of the JSS Women’s College, Kollegal.

“Demonetizing the highest denomination currency of our country is a part of the big effort initiated to eliminate several criminal activities including corruption, circulation of black money, fake currency, etc. It has brought satisfaction and happiness among the people who pay taxes promptly. It also helps the country to achieve economic stability, and the government should take the right steps towards this,” she explained.

Prof. Umesh, Principal, in his address observed that though earlier the Govt. of India had decided to demonetize the highest currency notes twice, it was not very successful in making an impact on black money. The economic system can be purified if it is implemented systematically and a positive impact can be made on savings and investments. It also helps in instilling confidence among the investors, expect an increase in capacity of the economy, improve banking transactions and strengthen the economy of the country.

Prof. B. Somanna, HoD, Economics Department was present on the dais.

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Mysore Citizens Forum dispatches essential commodities to flood-hit areas

Mysuru, August 21, 2019: The Mysore Citizens Forum dispatched essential commodities for the flood victim families of Belagavi District, from the Sri Suttur Math premises in Mysuru, on August 21, 2019, in the divine presence of Paramapujya Jagadguru Sri Shivarathri Deshikendra Swamiji.

As per the request made by the District Administration and local people of Belagavi District, essential commodities like mats, bedspreads, T-shirts and dhotis for men, sarees, petticoats for women, daily use household items like plates, glasses, spoons, coconut oil, tea powder, toothpaste, toothbrush, washing powder, phenyl, washing soap, bath soap, etc., were dispatched.
Sri R. Guru, Sri P V Giri, Smt. Rashmi Koti, Sri S Shivakumaraswamy, Sri R Mahesh and members of the Manini Mahila Sangha of Vishveshwaranagara, Mysuru, were present.
Similarly, two truckloads of essential commodities were dispatched to Bagalkot and Gadag Districts on August 18, 2019, to be distributed to the victims.
As already decided, the Suttur Math will also donate a sum of Rs. 1 crore towards the Chief Minister’s Relief Fund very soon.

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Spirit of Patriotism, Unity and National Consciousness need of the hour

Mysuru, August 15, 2019: The JSS College of Arts, Commerce and Science, B.N. Road, Mysuru, observed the 73rd Independence Day in the College campus on August 15, 2019.

Speaking on the occasion Dr. H.M. Rajashekar, Former Director, UGC – Human Resource Development Centre, Mysuru, called upon the students to imbibe qualities of patriotism and secularism in them. “Independence Day is a national festival and students should develop political consciousness. Unfortunately today the politics of populism is misleading the youth,” he said.

He briefed about the pre and post-independence situations of India and observed that there is much scope for a brighter India if everybody understands the Constitution of India in a better perspective. “ours is a transformative constitution,” he added and advised the gathering to understand the real meaning of democracy, republic and secularism. “India is capable of becoming a developed country if there is no inequality in society. Only equality and true secularism in the real sense can transform India into a superpower,” he said.

Prov. B.V. Sambashivaiah, Chief Executive of the College hoisted the National Flag in the presence of the guests, invitees, faculty and NCC cadets.

Prof. M. Mahadevappa, Principal, UG College welcomed the guests. Prof. S. Somashekar, Principal, PU College proposed a vote of thanks and Prof. P.M. Mahadevaswamy compered the programme.

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