April 2019

A stress-free life leads to happiness – Dr. B. R. Pai

Ooty, April 22, 2019: “There will be no stress if there is enthusiasm in our lives, our lives will be full of happiness,” opined Dr. B. R. Pai.

He inaugurated the second-day programme of the retreat camp organized by the JSS Mahavidyapeetha, in association with the Sri Suttur Math and Sri Shivarathreeshwara Dharmika Datti, held at the JSS International School, in Teetakal, Ooty, on April 20, 2019.

“India has become the capital of diabetes. Cases of cancer and heart-related diseases are increasing. While Bengaluru is considered as the information technology hub, it has also become the hub of suicides. Stress means the difference between expectations and naturalness. When our expectations start to increase stress also increases. We will face positive and negative kinds of stress. While pain, anger, anxiety, outrage, sorrow, and jealousy can be called as negative types of stress, merry, laughter, soft words, happiness, experiencing the fragrance of flowers are positive types of stress. Thousands of people died due to the explosion of an atomic bomb at Nagasaki in Hiroshima, Japan. But lakhs of people on this earth are dying every day due to an even more dangerous bomb called mental stress. We can overcome it by adopting yoga, pranayama, knowledge and facing life every day with a smile,” he said

Sri Siddeshwara Swamiji of Jnanayogashrama, Vijayapura, commenced his discourse with a quote by Vokkalu Muddaiah. “Vokkalu Maddaiah was an agriculturist. He was a person who owned just two cows, a little land, he was leading a happy life with his wife and children in his hut amidst nature. He always used to involve in his work. He was not literate and did not possess any degree from any university. But he knew how to lead his life. When we find people who are richer than us and more learned people, our feelings will change. But when it comes to nature it’s not like that. We find solace amidst nature. People who find solace amidst nature are called as sharanas, monks, brilliants, experienced, etc. The feeling of ‘we’, and ‘ours’ are not permanent. Our lives become more meaningful when we find peace. Whatever we are doing is for peace. By undertaking inner and outer cultivation we should all give preference for internal cultivation,” he opined.

In his talk, Dr. M. R. Seetharam said, “our surroundings are called environment in common language. There is an innate relationship between the environment and human life. A pollution free air and water is essential for human life. In ancient days the infant mortality rate was very less. There are several reasons for its increase. Studies prove that now people are dying because of various diseases like heart attack, cancer, diabetes, etc. Bad habits are the main culprits. We can reduce the mortality rate by keeping our environment clean according to WHO studies. Vehicular pollution, increase in the number of houses, industries, population, deforestation, etc., are the major reasons for environment pollution. Creating awareness among the people regarding the importance of maintaining a balanced environment through population control, afforestation, pollution control is the need of the hour.

The retreat program begins with a prayer, yoga, and pranayama daily, followed by desi games in the evening. All the participants are taking part enthusiastically. There are more than 125 participants in the camp from various districts like Mysuru, Bengaluru, Tumakuru, Chikkamagaluru, Chitradurga, Davanagere, Hubballi, Chamaranagara, and Ramanagar.

Dr. B.R. Pai lighting the lamp to inaugurate the second day of the retreat camp held for public at the JSS International School in Teetakal, Ooty, organized by the JSS Mahavidyapeetha in association with the Sri Suttur Math and Sri Shivarathreeshwara Dharmika Datti. Convener of the camp and participants are seen in the picture.

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Three couples tie the knot at the monthly mass marriage programme held at Suttur

Three couples tied the knot at the monthly mass marriage programme held at the Sri Suttur Math. Heads of the Sri Math and relatives of the newly married couples are seen in the picture.

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An innocent life will not help you in any way – Dr. Shivraj V. Patil.

Suttur, April 11, 2019: “An innocent life will not help you in any way,” opined Dr. Shivraj V. Patil.

He was delivering a lecture at the Retreat Programme being held at Suttur for students of the JSS Engineering, Dental, Ayurveda and Pharmacy Colleges. “We can get rid of diseases through psychophysical food habits. A human being should consume food like medicine, he should not consume medicine like food. Diseases can be cured only with the blessings of mother nature. Hence, we should always keep our body, heart, and souls clean,” he said.

He advised that everyone should follow a simple, clean, thoughtful life and consume food that is low in cost and rich in nutrition.

Sri K.B. Subhash, in his talk, opined that conceptual knowledge is more important for a person than memorized knowledge. In a team when a person involves himself completely and works hard with others the team will win.

He explained to the students about the essential qualities, characteristics required for a person to become a team member. “The reason behind the integrity of a diversified country like Indi is working together. A team is different from a group because a team will have an aim,” he added.

The camp commenced with prayers in the morning, followed by yoga and pranayama sessions. The participants shared their opinions at the end of the session.

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Distribution of admission forms for JSS Free Residential School begins

Sri S.P. Udayashankar, Administrative Officer, JSS Free Residential School, Suttur, distributing admission forms for the current year, at the school. Heads of various departments of the school are seen in the picture.

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Youth resource should be utilized for nation building – Sri Shantirvathaanandaji

Suttur, April 9, 2019: “The youth of this country is our rich resource. It should be dedicated for the service of our country,” opined Swami Shantirvathanandaji, of Sri Ramakrishna Ashrama, Mysuru.

He delivered a lecture on the topic, ‘Role of Youth in Nation Building’, after inaugurating the personality development camp, organized as part of the Retreat Programme for the students of Engineering, Ayurveda, Dental and Pharmacy College students of JSS group, being held at Suttur Srikshetra.

“Whenever the topic of the youth of our country is mentioned, the first name that comes to our mind is Swami Vivekananda. It is our pride that he was born in our country,” he said.
“A youth named Suhas Gopinath started learning how to create websites at a very young age. He created a website called www.coolhindustan.com and established his own company titled ‘Global Inc.’ when he was just 17-years-old and became the CEO of that company. We are all children of mother India and we should dedicate our services to her. We should make efforts to instill confidence among our youth and inculcate love and affection among them, and build a stronger India by establishing unity and integrity,” he added.

Dr. D.S. Guru, Professor, Mysore University, delivered a lecture on ‘Life Skills’. “In our journey of life, we get to meet new persons, new friends, and strangers every moment. But none of them are neither permanent nor forgettable. It is just a beautiful journey and we don’t know when it will end. We Indians have inherited a mindset of serving the society from our ancestors. We should safeguard and continue it. The students should shoulder the responsibility of building a better society based on a cordial relationship. They have to prove the society that there is ‘Integrity in Diversity’. You should respect your teachers and elders, and inculcate a character of respecting them. It is very important to respect your teachers who teach you with love and affection,” he opined.

Sri R. A. Chetanram delivered a lecture on ‘Leadership Qualities’. In his talk, he said, “Only a good follower can become a good leader. Confidence is our inner belief. We should always believe in ourselves, it is based on our behavior, our thoughts, and our friends. We all achieve success in smaller things. If we can understand and try to know our capacity we can easily get rid of the inferiority complex. It builds confidence in us, which is a basic leadership quality. Confidence is one of the most important characteristics of visionary leadership.

He explained to the participants how we should develop a capacity to analyze an issue, think about it and analyze the outcome, along with examples.

The camp is being held in the divine presence of Paramapujya Jagadguru Sri Shivarathri Deshikendra Mahaswamiji and Pujya Sri Siddeshwara Mahaswamiji.

The camp begins with the lighting of the lamp, prayer, followed by Pranayama and yoga sessions. Desi games are held in the evening.

Swami Shantirvataanandaji of Sri Ramakrishna Ashrama, inaugurating the personality development camp organized for the students of Technical, Ayurveda, Dental and Pharmacy Colleges, by the JSS Mahavidyapeetha and Sri Shivarathreeshwara Dharmika Datti, in Sutturu. Sri Kiran Gudadinni, Dr. K. Omprakash, Dr. Anand Kumar Tengli, Dr. B.S. Harish, Sri Jayarajendra, Dr. Ravi and Sri Harshananda are seen in the picture.

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Cultural and Sports forum Valedictory programme 2018-19

Mysuru, April 4, 2019: “Our country has been making significant strides and has been achieving a lot in different sectors in the post-independence era,” opined Dr. S. Srikantaswamy, Director, College Development Council, University of Mysore, Mysuru.

He participated in the Cultural and the Sports Forum valedictory programme held at the JSS College of Arts, Commerce and Science, B.N. Road, Mysuru, on dt: April 4, 2019.

“The achievements of institutions like ISRO has increased the respect for our country all over the world in the field of space research. Likewise, in the sports sector also we are witnessing many achievements. Especially the rural youth are emerging as achievers in this sector, which is appreciable. Hence, today’s students along with regular learning should also develop interest towards extra-curricular activities like sports, NSS, NCC and other cultural activities also. But it is very essential to have discipline, punctuality, and a correct aim,” he said.

On the occasion, he observed that the various facilities made available at the JSS College had increased the respect of University of Mysore at the National level and opined that the spiritual force of Suttur Srimath was the reason behind it. He recalled the noble and selfless services of all the pontiffs of the Srimath.

Sri K. Mahadeva, an alumni of this college and Ekalavya Award winning sports personality opined that his talent was identified when he was studying in this college and he could achieve only because of the encouragement he received by the college. He also opined that the facilities required for sports and other activities had in fact increased now and advised the students to utilize the opportunities. He explained the sacrifices and efforts made by great sports achievers of the country like P.T. Usha and hockey star Dhyan Chand.

Prof. B.V. Sambashivaiah, Chief Executive of the College Complex in his presidential address advised the students to involve in creative and personality development activities along with regular curriculum. “Our college has all the required facilities. Extra-curricular activities will be effective in shaping your future. You should always have bigger aims. Whatever you are today, your future success will depend only on your today’s efforts,” he said.

He also explained about the various post graduation options available for the students at the college and other colleges.

Prof. M. Mahadevappa, Principal, JSS College of Arts, Commerce and Science, Prof. R. Sujatha Kumari, Cultural Forum Convener, Sri M. Karthik, Director, Physical Education Department, and others were present.

Heads of various departments, lecturers, staff and students were present in the programme. Prizes were distributed to the winners of various competitions in sports, cultural programmes, etc.

Earlier the programme commenced with an invocation by Final year B.Com student Mahadevaprasad. Student H.K. Praveenkumar welcomed the guests and the gathering. Srigiri, Final BA student presented the current year cultural and sports activities report. Venkatesh, Final BA student gave a vote of thanks and Kum. Subhashini, V. Second BCA student compered.

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Truth never dies – Siddeshwara Swamiji

Suttur, April 1, 2019: “Truth always prevails, it’s eternal, truth never dies,” opined Pujya Sri Siddeshwara Swamiji.

Referring to the Upanishad in his discourse, held at Suttur Srikshetra on Sunday, he observed, “A seed will have a leaf, flower and fruit within. But, it doesn’t appear from outside. But when we plant the seed in the ground and nurture it with water, we get leaves, colorful flowers and delicious fruits from it. Likewise, though truth appears to be in various forms basically it is the same.”

“The world can change, but not truth. It is always constant and permanent,” he said. Mentioning Basavanna’s quote ‘Sthaavarakke Alivuntu Jangamakke Alivilla’, he observed that a temple which is built beautifully might fade as time passes, but god is eternal.”

Sri Siddeshwara Swamiji delivers discourses in English language during Sundays.

Pujya Siddeshwara Swamiji of Jnanayogashrama, Vijayapura, delivering a special discourse at the Suttur Math, in Suttur Srikshetra.

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