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Students should focus on overall development – Maleyuru Guruswamy

Mysuru, January 4, 2020: “Nowadays the respect which is being given to the body is not being given to the personality or behaviour. Today’s youth like to have a six-pack body. But what is really wanted is a six-pack of mind and hearts. Overall development is the need of the hour,” opined Maleyuru Guruswamy, senior litterateur.

He participated in the valedictory of the Cultural and Sports Meet 2019-2020, held on January 4, 2020, at the JSS PU College, B.N. Road, Mysuru.

In his address to the students, he said, “The days of youth are most valuable in a human being’s life. The body and mind get attracted to the materialistic and colorful world while we are young. But the personality develops only when hundreds of colors emerge in the souls. Today’s youth won’t lack intelligence or physical strength. But it strongly appears that there is a lack of culture. In a society relations will be good only when physical, mental, emotional, cultural and sports aspects in a person are good,” he added.

“Your aims should be clear and you should exhibit a commitment to fulfilling your aims. Today any information is available at your fingertips. But it is very unfortunate that today’s youth who depend upon technology for even small things in daily lives lack knowledge about the great leaders of our society and the glorious history of our country,” he opined.

Prof. B.V. Sambashivaiah, Chief Executive of the JSS College complex in his introductory speech expressed his view that educational institutions should become resource centers that develop the personality of students instead of just teaching lessons. “Efforts should be made to identify the hidden talent in each student and help them to inculcate skills that help them to achieve excellence in their lives,” he added.

“Today students have many options in the educational sector. They should select whichever subject that interests them and should undertake an intense study. Indians have all the opportunities of having a lion’s share in the huge job market that is expected to be created at the global level by the year 2025. Hence, students should develop the required skills and utilize the opportunity. In this regard, the Ministry of Human Resource Development and UGC has introduced many skill development courses in all the prestigious colleges across the country. I feel proud to say that JSS College in Mysuru is one of them. This college has all the infrastructure to provide education from graduation to Ph.D., the students should use the resources,” he explained.

Chief Guest Sri S. Gopalakrishna, National-level sports person and Deputy Chief Ticket Inspector, of the Railways Department, Mysuru, in his address said, “Keen interest and hard work are the two most important things for achievement. If you lack any one among these two aspects you cannot reach your goal.”

Kum. Aleen Mendez and Kum. M. Smitha, PU Commerce students presented the annual cultural report and the sports report respectively.

On this occasion, the guests distributed prizes to the winners of various cultural and sports competitions.

First PU Arts student S. Chethan exhibited his speed drawing skills by drawing a portrait of Lord Ganesha, which drew huge applause. Popular magician S.S. Guruswamy presented a magic show.

Kum. D.M. Maadalambika gave an invocation. S. Somashekar, Principal, JSS PU College welcomed the guests. S. Nanjundaswamy, Convener, Cultural Committee, and Kannada lecturer, T. Aravind, Director, Physical Instruction, were present on the dais. Kum. R. Jeevitha, 2nd PU student compered the programme and Kum. M. Apoorva gave a vote of thanks.

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Consumers have become slaves of advertisements – Sri D. Venkatachala

Kollegal, December 27, 2019: “As consumer kings, we all have become slaves of advertisements and colourful slogans. As a result, we have forgotten giving importance to quality leading to loss of selection rights,” opined Sri D. Venkatachala, Senior Advocate, Kollegal.
He delivered a special lecture on the topic “Consumer Protection Laws”, organised by the Senior Students Forum, under the Commerce Club, held as part of the World Consumers Day celebration, at the JSS Women’s College, Kollegal.
“In our daily lives, we all are consumers in one or the other way. We have the right to expect quality in all the products and services that we receive according to the price that we pay. As consumers, the law has provided us certain rights. According to law, we can claim compensation if we feel cheated qualitywise. We have to check and ensure the quality of any product or service. But unfortunately, due to negligence, irresponsible attitude, we often get cheated. Hence, unless we do not develop a habit of questioning we will continue to get cheated,” he said.
In his presidential address Prof. M. Basavaraju, Head of Kannada Department opined that consumers should be careful about the luring of companies in the name of huge discounts. “Today as consumers we are being cheated at every step. Hence, there is a need for conducting more and more awareness workshops, training camps, etc. We should be aware of the opportunities that are in front of us. If we have to get rid of cheating, fraud, low-quality goods, consumers should know about the laws and develop a habit of filing complaints at the consumers’ forum and claim compensation,” he added.
Smt. Mamatha, Head, Business Management was present.

Sri D. Venkatachala delivering a special lecture on the topic “Consumer Protection Laws’. Prof. Basavaraju and Smt. Mamatha are seen in the picture.

Teachers and students who took part in the lecture programme

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Morality is a firm foundation for the citizens and country – Sri Suresh

Kollegal, December 26, 2019: “Morality is a firm foundation for every person and the country. Building a secured country through a good society will be possible by adopting morality,” opined Sri Suresh, Assistant Professor, Geography Department, Government First Grade College, T. Narasipura.

He delivered a lecture on the topic “Declining moral values is the reason for social evils”, organised by the Youth Red Cross Unit, held at the JSS Women’s College, in Kollegal.

“Moral values among the people is declining in the present world. It is the major reason for all the social evils we are witnessing across the globe. Looting of money by the so-called literates, corruption by prestigious companies, incidents of rapes and other sexual harassment, violence against children and women, falling of buildings before its inauguration are all the ill-effects of the declining moral values among people. Hence, there is an immediate need of inculcating moral values for a sustainable and secure society,” he said.

Prof. Umesh, Principal, JSS Women’s College, Kollegal, in his address said, “As Swami Vivekananda has said about the importance of morality, the behavior, discipline and positive thoughts of the citizens is more important for a country than its constitution. As literates, it is our duty to uphold the moral values and become a model for others. If we and the next generation want to have good health and live happily in a secure environment we need to adopt moral values.”

Sri Basavadatta Mahadevaprasad, Red Cross Unit Convener and Smt. Smitha A. S. HoD, Geography was present.


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