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‘Say No to Plastic’ campaign

Dr. Devaraj, Medical Officer, JSS Hospital, Mysuru, flagged off the ‘Say No to Plastic’ campaign, organised by the NCC Land Army unit of the JSS High School, Suttur, as part of the Govt. of India’s ‘Swachh Pakvad’ campaign, in Suttur, on December 11, 2019. Headmasters Sri G. Shivamallu, Smt. C.P. Nirmala and Smt. Lakshmi were present. The NCC Cadets visited all the shops in the village and requested the shopkeepers, customers and villagers not to use plastic.

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Shivadeepotsava at Suttur Srikshetra

Suttur, December 10, 2019: Special pujas were held at the shrine of Paramapujya Jagadguru Sri Shivarathreeshwara Shivayogi Mahaswamiji and temples of Sri Someshwara, Sri Mahadeshwara, Sri Veerabhadreshwara and Sri Narayanaswamy, on Tuesday evening as part of the Shivadeepotsava programme, in Suttur, in the divine presence of Paramapujya Jagadguru Sri Shivarathri Deshikendra Mahaswamiji.

Mahamangalarathi, silver chariot Praakarotsava were performed on the occasion (Kruttika Mahotsav). The students of the Suttur School rendered a group prayer followed by the Kolooru Kodagoosu Shivakatha Sankeertana by Vidushi Dr. V. Malini, of Mysuru. On this occasion, the procession of the chariot was held as part of the Sri Shivarathri Shivayogi Mahaswamiji’s jatra mahotsav, which will be held from December 21 – 26.

Attractive lighting arrangements were made to the temples which attracted the devotees, while they also enjoyed the firing of crackers.

Pontiffs of Kesavatturu, Hosamatha, Kunduru Matha, Neelakantaswamy, Kuderu Matha, Chunchahalli, Naviluru, Benakanahalli, Tejuru, Chikkatuppuru, Kallipura, Aravind Guruji of the Maharshi Aravind Foundation, Haraguru Charamurthy, delegates and hundreds of people from the surrounding villages witnessed the programme.

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Sustainable Developmental Goals should be the aim of life – Dr. S. Ayyappan

Mysuru, December 9, 2019: A programme to celebrate the 12th Graduates’ Day was held at the JSS College Arts, Commerce and Science, Ooty Road, Mysuru, on December 9, 2019, in the Golden Jubilee Hall of the college, in the divine presence of His Holiness Paramapujya Jagadaguru Sri Shivarathri Deshikendra Mahaswamiji.

Speaking on the occasion, Dr. S. Ayyappan, Chancellor, Central Agricultural University, Imphal, Manipur, guided the fresh graduates on the innovative modes for the future generation. He opined that fresh graduates should involve themselves in new nano-technologies use of energy in all fields of life, including agriculture. He felt that Peri-urban agriculture should be used to retain the original character of the agricultural produces. “The JSS institution is in the forefront in making use of these technologies with multidisciplinary education system”, he said.

He also explained how agricultural produces can be improved using new innovative technologies. Students, especially passing out graduates should use their skills to have an action plan for new things, avenues available, using start-ups and be aware of patents. At the same time, he was disappointed at the research ratio per million population which is very low in India compared to other countries.

He concluded his speech with a note of aspiration hoping that the year 2020 will be a new milestone in all respects, as the future depends on what we do in present. The research should be based on giving solutions rather than creating problems he felt.

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One-day training for school teachers on ‘Importance of agriculture in school education’

Suttur, December 6, 2019: “In our country 73% of children are from rural areas. Despite providing free uniforms, midday meals and books, even today 53% of girl children are dropping out of schools before 9 years of age,” opined Smt. Divya, Seed Technology Scientist, ICAR JSS KVK.

She was speaking at the one-day training programme on ‘Importance of Agriculture in School Education,’ held at the ICAR JSS Krishi Vignan Kendra, in Suttur, for selected teachers of various schools in Nanjagud Taluk, on December 6, 2019.

“When we notice the situation what we understand is we have failed in making education interesting to children. In schools where there are more children who hail from farmers families, if we teach animal husbandry, sericulture and other agricultural related subjects we can attract the children. She informed that the youth can obtain degree in agriculture after PUC, Diploma after SSLC. The youth who are involved in agriculture by staying in villages after stopping their education half-way can obtain skill based trainings, she added. There are ample job opportunities for agriculture subject students in Agriculture Department, NGOs, Private Companies, Banks, Universities, etc. She also requested the teachers to provide suitable guidance to the children who are interested.

Smt. Netravathi Yettinamani, Home Scientist, JSS KVK spoke about starting a kitchen garden in school premises and its maintenance and organic terrace gardening. Sri Raju, Block Education Officer, Nanjangud called upon the teachers to reserve some space in schools where available and start kitchen garden. In case if there is no space plants can be grown in pots and make the school premises look attractive, he added.

Dr. M.C. Satish, Veterinarian, of KVK in his address explained about the vermicompost unit, goshale, agri clinic, food processing unit, pottery, nursery demonstration units. Sri J.G. Ramanna, Programme Assistant, JSS KVK explained about the various diseases, pests and nutrition in kitchen garden.

Eighteen teachers from various schools of Nanjangud Taluk took part in the training programme. They informed that they would take the students of their respective schools to the Suttur Agriculture Mela and KVK to teach them. They also assured that they would establish kitchen garden in their school premises and create awareness among the students about lessons related to agriculture.

A one-day training programme on ‘Importance of Agriculture in School Education’ was conducted at the ICAR JSS Krishi Vignan Kendra, Suttur, for the teachers of selected schools in Nanjangud Taluk, on December 6,2019. BEO Sri C.N.Raju, teachers and staff members of KVK are seen in the picture.

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Overall sports prize for JSS School, Suttur

Suttur, December 4, 2019: The students of the JSS Higher Primary School, Suttur, bagged the overall prize in the 3- day JSS Inter-school Sports Meet, organised as part of the Paramapujya Jagadguru Dr. Sri Shivarathri Rajendra Mahaswami’s memory, at Suttur Srikshetra.

Winners in Boys Category: Basavaraju M.C. 600 m running (Second), Bhuvan (Third), Sooraj, 400 m (Second place), Bhuvan (Third), Milan, 200 m and 100 m running (Third), Harshraj, High Jump (First), Rudraiah, Shot put (Third), Basavaraju M.C, Long Jump (Second), Yuvraj (Third); Milan, Disc throw (First), Karthik (Second); 4×100 m Relay (First).

In group sports the school bagged first place in Kabaddi. Nishant bagged the ‘Best Player’ prize

Girls category: Vedavathi, 400 m (First), Rani (Second), Kousalya, 200 m running (Second), Vedavathi, 600 m running (Second), Arpitha (Third); Pinku, 100 m running (Third). Bidyapathi bagged first place in shotput, Rikolin third place; whereas Rikolin bagged first place in Disc throw and Bidyapathi bagged second place. In high jump Ribhunlang bagged first place and Ibameri bagged second place. In long jum Kousalya bagged third place and first place in 4x100m relay.

In group games the school girls team bagged first place in Kabaddi. Kumari Ribahunlang bagged the ‘Best Player’ prize.

In march past the school team has bagged first place and brought laurels to the school.

The head of the school, teachers and other staff have congratulated all the winners.

Students of the JSS Higher Primary School, Suttur, who won overall prize in the JSS Inter-school sports meet seen with the Head of various departments of the school and the physical trainers.

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Women’s Day in Agriculture

Suttur, December 4, 2019: A one-day workshop on “The role of women in Agriculture, Afforestation and Animal Husbandry activities were organised by the ICAR JSS Krishi Vignan Kendra, Suttur, as part of the Women’s Day in Agriculture. The objective of the workshop was to know the importance of women in agriculture, what is their role?, whether it is limited only to the kitchen?, whether they are getting the respect, dignity, and rights that they deserve, despite they are being a backbone in agricultural activities through their work contribution.

The workshop was organised by the ICAR JSS KVK in association with the ITC, Myrada Kaveri Regional Institute, held at Sooralli Village in Naviluru Gram Panchayat, of Nanjagud Taluk. Sri R.N. Nanjudaswamy, Agricultural Officer, Mycaps delivered the introductory speech.

Dr. Arun Balamatti, Head, JSS KVK inaugurated the workshop. In his address, he opined the contribution of women in various agricultural activities is nearly 90% in several countries. “In our country, 70% of the agricultural activities are done by women, but they are not getting the respect they deserve. There is a disparity in wages between men and women, even today women are paid less than men. The name of women is not included in any RTC. She also doesn’t enjoy freedom in any of the decisions in the family. The society and the government should consider this seriously, discuss thoroughly and take a suitable decision,” he said.

Smt. Divya, Scientist, JSS KVK explained the importance of the kitchen garden. She called upon the farmers to grow chemical-free vegetables in the backyard of houses and use them. Mentioning the names of progressive women farmers Smt. Indiramma of K.R. Nagar and Shivamma of Shivamogga, who has achieved in the production of vermicompost, she called upon the women farmers of Soorahalli village to consider these women as their idols and try to come up in life. Smt. Netravathi Yettinamani, Home Scientist spoke about value enhancement of food and KVK demonstration units. Dr. M.C. Satish, Veterinarian, JSS KVK explained about vermicompost, production of pure milk and measures to be taken to take up dairy farming as a profit-making business.

Coordinator of the programme Sri Rajappa of Mycaps expressed his view that the performance of Self Help Groups in financial matters was good. He opined that if the women join their hands in agriculture better progress could be achieved.

A competition on identifying medicinal plants, forest plants, lemon in spoon, musical chair, was conducted for the women who participated in the workshop. A few women from Soorahalli village took part in the competition and won prizes.

Sri Nanjudaswamy, Gram Panchayat, President presided over the programme. Earlier the programme commenced with an invocation by the women participants. Sri Nagaraj of Mycaps gave a vote of thanks. Sri A. Anand, Sri Nagannanayaka, Smt. Mahadevamma, Muddamma, Geetha, and others were present. About 150-200 women of Soorahalli village took part.

Identifying medicinal and forest plants competition

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Ahead of the Shivaratheeshwara Jatra Mahotsav bhoomipuja for various mantaps held in Suttur

Suttur, December 1, 2019: The Bhoomipuja of the Dasoha, cultural programmes and all the mantaps that will be put up as part of the Sri Shivarathreeshwara Shivayogi Mahaswamiji’s Jatra Mahotsav, scheduled to be held from January 21 to 26, at Suttur Srikshetra, was performed on December 1, 2019, Sunday, on the occasion of the 34th Punya Smarane of Paramapujya Jagadguru Sri Shivarathri Rajendra Mahaswamiji.

Rudrabhisheka, Ashtottara and Praakarotsava were performed at the Shrines of Sri Shivarathreeshwara Shivayogi Mahaswamiji and Sri Shivarathri Rajendra Mahaswamiji, followed by the jatra mahotsav meeting, where a discussion was held about the preparations. Pontiffs of various maths, leaders of various Districts and surrounding villages and devotees were present.

Sri Subbappa welcomed, Sri C.V. Basavaraju gave a vote of thanks and Sri Prakash compered. The students of the JSS School, Suttur, rendered an invocation.

Pic Caption: The Bhoomipuja of the various mantaps for the Sri Shivarathreeshwara Shivayogi Mahaswamiji’s Jatra Mahotsav to be held at Suttur, was performed on December 1, 2019, Sunday, in the auspicious presence of pontiffs of various maths, including Paramapujya Jagadguru Sri Shivarthri Deshikendra Mahaswamiji of Suttur Math. Shariff, Pontiffs of Ankanahali, Kuderu, Maadahalli, Hosamatha, Neelakantaswamy Math, Bettadapura Math, Ragi Bommanahalli Math and Sri H.B. Devanna are seen in the picture.

Students who were given Shivadeekshe-Lingadeekshe on the occasion of the 34th Punya Smarane of Paramapujya Jagadguru Sri Shivarathri Rajendra Mahaswamiji are seen with Paramapujya Jagadguru Sri Shivarathri Deshikendra Mahaswamiji, on December 1, 2019. Sri Channamallikarjuna, Sri Panchakshari, Sri Somashekar, Ragibommanahalli Seer, Sri Nagendra and Sri S. Shivakumaraswamy and others are seen in the picture.

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